Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dangers of Sarcasm in Print

Using sarcasm in print is always dangerous because print cannot convey things like tone of voice, body language, etc.  Therefore, I would like to thank James McGrath for noticing that yesterday's post was indeed a parody. 

McGrath calls for consistency among a certain brand of conservative evangelicals who see every natural disaster as God's judgment on sinners.  At least be consistent and call Isaac God's judgment against the Republican National Convention. 

No doubt, tomorrow morning we will probably read about how Isaac is yet again God's judgment against the "Big Easy," just seven years after his last smackdown of the sinful city with Katrina.  But if these hurricanes were God's judgment against New Orleans, must we not also follow logic and declare that God deliberately took momentum out of the Republican Party's national convention in a similar judgment?

Perhaps the lesson to be learned here is: "Don't schedule your party's national convention in a hurricane prone area during the height of hurricane season."

Below is an image from McGrath's blog, speaking to the same issue.

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