Friday, December 7, 2012

Misspelled Books of the Bible

For years now I have made my Intro to Bible students list the books of the Bible in order on their final exams.  I think that Christians should at least know what is in their Bibles, if they have not actually read everything.  Of course, reading it all would be ideal, but at least knowing the table of contents is a start.

Now, this has led to some great misspellings over the years, but I think what I had on one test this year might be an all time high for hilarious misspellings.

Keep in mind, this is not a mashup, these were all on one exam.

The normal misspellings:

Jashua (Joshua)
Esra (Ezra)
Nehimia (Nehemiah)
Isiah (Isaiah)
Lammonations (Lamentations)
Galasians (Galatians)
Phelipians (Philippians)

The funny ones:

Ex Sades (Exodus)
Lavidicus (Leviticus)
Dutereny (Deuteronomy)
1 Colethleans (1 Chronicles)
2 Coletheans (2 Chronicles)
Probers (Proverbs)
Jemiaha (Jeremiah)
Hubbaka (Habakkuk)
Celemons (Colossians)
1 & 2 Thesolionions (1 & 2 Thessalonians)

Runner Up:

Ezekeaskles (Ecclesiastes with an apparent mashup of Ezekiel)

Grand Prize:

Splams (Psalms).  Now, I have seen Pslams before, but never Splams.

Good for a laugh during finals week.