Thursday, December 16, 2010

Karl Barth, Here We Come

One of the greatest and most ambitious theological works in Christian history has now been made available as one of the greatest book deals of the past year.  Hendrickson Publishers has now made Karl Barth's 14 volume Church Dogmatics available in hardcover edition for under $100

I first heard about this from JRD Kirk at Storied Theology.  Kirk has come up with a reading schedule to read through the entire set in about seven years.  This is at the rate of about one book every six months (by book that means 1.1, or 1.2, etc.). 

I coerced my wife into making this my Christmas present and so I will be joining Kirk and others as we read and blog about Barth. 

My favorite quote about Barth comes from a fellow seminarian who was a native German speaker.  He said, "I prefer to read Barth in English, it makes more sense."  Having read a fair amount of Barth in English, and knowing how hard he is to understand sometimes in translation, I cannot imagine how difficult the German would be.

So, Church Dogmatics, here we come!

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