Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Surprise

I love flash mobs.  Before I joined the blogosphere I didn't even know what they were.  I feel like they are one of the greatest developments in our culture.  It is like imagination and hard work coming together and just popping up in random spots.  This is perhaps my favorite flash mob ever.  This song in itself spurs an emotional response in me every time I hear it, but seeing it in this environment is just phenomenal.  Enjoy.

HT to my wife and James McGrath for bringin this to my attention.



    This is one of my personal favorites. Its weird how this many people can perfect a flash mob like this in Grand Central Station. Maybe in your future classes you should have your students create a flash mob for extra credit such as this one. I would be completely lost if musical productionS broke out like these. You could possibly tie this into the course with the Pentecost and the apostles speaking tongues at the same time? its worth a shot!

    Jon Tye

  2. First,I have to agree with what Mr. Tye said about having your future students create a flash mob for extra credit. I just think it would be a great courageous way to earn a few points and have a good time. I really enjoyed watching this video. If you notice a lot of the little kids have such dramatic expressions! Maybe, because the generic kid will think of christmas trees and stockings rather then the narrative story of Jesus. I think that this is truly inspirational and has the potential to bring people to remember Christ. Because after all, this time of year should be for Him. Little reminders could change a life. I am really glad that I got to see this video because it is refreshing to see the passion that people have for Jesus during this time of year.