Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If you, like me grew up going to Sunday School on Sunday mornings, what do you remember?

If you are like me, you don't remember theories of the atonement.  You don't remember Paul's discussion of the flesh vs. the spirit.  You don't remember the instructions to Moses on how to build the ark, or on the theology of Job. 

No, you remember the stories.  You remember Moses crossing the red sea, Samson bringing down the Philistine temple, Daniel in the Lions' den, Jesus clearing the temple, Paul on his missionary journeys.

Stories have a way of capturing our imagination in a way that propositional language do not, that is why the stories stick with us.  That is why Jesus taught in parables. That is why I am glad that the Bible, in its essence is a story.  It is not an instruction manual, but a story of the people of God and their journey on this earth. 

Today I begin another semester teaching the Bible to my Baylor freshmen, and I get to share with them that story.  I love my job!

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