Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August and the Promise of Better days to come.

Summer, and specifically the beginning August is my most hated time of the year.  It is when the heat sets in, and here in Texas, it really sets in.  I did not grow up in Texas, and though I have lived here for over ten years now, I still am not accustomed to the heat. Here is the forecast for the next six days, according to my iPhone weather app: 103, 104, 103, 101, 99, 102.  It is sad when 99 sound nice.

Aside from the heat, it also means that I have not been teaching for almost three months.  I love teaching my college students.  This year has been especially hard.  I graduated with my Ph.D. in May and have been unable to secure a full time teaching position.  Luckily I have been assigned to teach two sections at Baylor this Fall and one in the Spring.  This keeps my resume current, and also, I get to start teaching again after the Summer drought.

But, today I am happy because I am typing this post from my new office at Baylor.  Getting my own office means several things.  First, it is a foreshadowing of things to come, reminding me that I will indeed be teaching again.  Second, it gives me an air conditioned place outside of my house to do my research.  I can do research at my house, but the temptations to nap or play video games, or anything but work are much greater at home. Third, its an office. An office, like I'm actually a professional or something.  Well, I guess I am, I have the letters after my name, but its nice to be reminded that those are more than just letters.

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