Friday, August 18, 2017

DIY Summer

Ironically, the most popular post, by a wide margin, that I have ever published on this blog has nothing to do with my expertise or the topics that I usually post on, namely Religion and the New Testament.  The post "Doctor Handyman and the Horse Shelter," published in June of 2010 has had over 16,000 page views over the life of the blog.  It was a post about building a horse shelter near Waco, TX.

Well, that was before I got a full time teaching job, and I have not done much construction since, but this Summer I undertook a kitchen remodeling project.  It was a difficult but fulfilling project and took nearly all three months of my Summer break.  I think most aspects of the project came out very well and we love our new kitchen.  Over the next several posts, I am going to recount this project for anyone who might be interested.  If you read this blog for New Testament/Religion topics, you will not find for a bit and can skip any posts with DIY in the title.

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