Friday, November 18, 2011

iPhone revolution

I am sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight to San Francisco to attend this year's SBL conference.

I am writing this blog post on my iPhone. This really is an amazing device. Yet, sometimes I find it troubling. We are learning to communicate in truncated language.

I don't know about you, but most if the time I do all of my email on the iPhone. That way, if something needs a response I can just take care of it right then and there and put it put of my mind. Yet, I fall victim to this truncated language. I try to keep it short. I will often omit normal parts of a message, like any punctuation, salutation, addressee, and signature. I feel guilty omitting this stuff, but who wants to type any more than the bare minimum on an iPhone?

What are the long term effects of this communication revolution? One thing I am seeing is that my students can hardly make sense of sentences that have more than one clause. Is this due to the smartphone/texting/Facebook status update world we have created? Your thoughts?

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