Monday, November 1, 2010

What does it take to believe?

What does it take to believe in Baylor football?

That is a good question.  Does 7-2, BCS rank 21, a win in Austin?  Do I believe?

I must say, my belief is tough to win.  I have been hurt too many times.  There have been too many seasons where the only comforting thought is "well, there's always next season."  I remember watching the UNLV defensive back returning a fumble for 99 yards on the last play of the game to rob Baylor of one of their few wins over the past 14 seasons in the Big XII.  I remember getting trounced repeatedly by Texas, Oklahoma, A&M, Tech, and others.  I remember years where we messed up the pre-conference schedule so bad that even 3 Big XII wins were not enough for a bowl bid. 

Even in Baylor's last two games, I was almost expecting something bad to happen.  Even when we were up by 19 on K-State in the fourth quarter, I remember thinking that we would implode.  Even up by 11 in the fourth quarter on Texas, I was expecting a huge turnaround.  I wasn't expecting to be the team holding all the cards and having all the plays go their way.  I certainly wasn't expecting Texas to fumble the ball on what turned out to be their final play of the game.  More appropriate to recent Baylor history would be a missed tackle and a long touchdown run after catch.  I have seen it too many times.

Yet, this team is giving me reasons to believe.  Aside from our 45-10 drubbing by TCU in week three, this team has played great.  We have not been blown out at all, in fact, our one other loss was only by seven to Tech.  Our offense is amazing, and our defense is getting it done when it matters.  We are winning games on the road in hostile environments.  Briles really has turned this team around.  We are going bowling.  I love it.

So, do I believe?  Well, lets say I am half-way there.  Do I think we can win all three remaining games?  I believe we have a chance.  Do I think we will?  No, but, I also thought we would lose to K-State and to Texas.  So, go ahead Baylor, prove me wrong.  I dare you.  I double-dog dare you!

Rise Up!

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  1. Well said, my friend. It's funny, because the two teams that I root for that I've always had that same feeling are both having expectation-defying seasons. There are the Bears, who continue to surprise, and there are the Texas Rangers, who seem to have come down to earth. While I can't say that I expect either one to win in a big game, I can say that I hope. I daresay I believe. But that belief is fragile, easily shattered (as I discussed in my blog post today about the Rangers).

    Here's hoping that they continue to strengthen my belief!